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My Story

As an artist educator, I have been blessed to have worked with talented authors who's stories were incredibly fun to illustrate. My story continues on the world stage alongside talented illustrators in collaborative projects as well as opening my RedBubble and VIDA shops. 

My life has always been about creating. I recall carrying my coloring books, sketchbooks and crayons as a very small child where ever I went. While in high school I found every opportunity to learn what ever I could about art including vocational school for graphic design. This program afforded me the opportunity to attain my Bachelors degree at New York Institute of Technology in Fine Art & Design on scholarship.

After graduating I worked for various companies illustrating in-house as well as graphic design for international companies like Canon, Nikon, Computer Associates, Symbol Technologies, Regent Sports and Miteq to name a few. 

My true aspirations were to share my love for art and returned to college.

I received my Masters degree in Art Education at Dowling College.

Since then, working with young artists reminds me of my true passion, creating the visual image that tells a story.

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